My plans for attending San Deigo Comic-Con 2018

OK! So It’s 10pm, I’m not even packed and basically exhausted from a long day of training (work related).  But believe me, I am far from 0 battery level.  With one night away from Sand Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), BTW I’m already checked into my flight, I couldn’t be more excited! Oh, so if you’re not aware SDCC is referred to as the focal point for the world of comics conventions.  It’s usually where all the large Comic (Marvel, DC, etc.) movie announcements and reveals are made, along with TV (ABC, NBC), streaming (Netflix, Hulu) and others.

So.  I thought, what better way to share my SDCC experience by trying to “live” blog it.  Well, not necessary LIVE, I will make every effort to do so but I do plan to update my posts as my day progresses.  That way, if you happen to be following my adventures here you can follow along WITH me – as it happens!  Well ALMOST as it happens, but close enough 😉  Below are my SDCC Plans which I plan to update as I move through the busy San Diego streets and convention floor:

Thursday Day 1/2

  • Arrive in San Diego (basically from my short flight but long work/training day) Ugh. Caffeine is my freind.  Caffeine is my freind. Caffeine is …
  • Drop off my bags at my Airbnb
  • Go and see if I can get a “yellow band” that will get me a spot in the Line for Hall H.  If you’re not in the know, Hall H is where all the big announcements and reveals happen.  I am not expecting to get in, unless I was media, which I’m not this year.  But it’s worth a shot.
  • Make my way to Sails Pavilion to catch the end of a Panel for UNGEEK.PH.  If I make it in time I may cover a story for UNGEEK.PH. More on that at their website
  • Get a feel of the the area and head back to my Airbnb
  • Prepare for day 2, SLEEP

Friday Day 1

  • Provided I am able to get the “Yellow band” and I am hoping to get into the earliest panel and stay there for the rest of the day or at least until the Star Trek Discovery panel in the afternoon.  I do not expect to get in though as I hear people CAMP outside during the night complete with tents.  NOPE.  Not me.
  • So, what will probably happen is: I will see the HUGE line and, instead, line up to enter the convention proper 🙂
  • Once inside the convention I am going to rush to the big name booths and try to get access to artists, celebrities and exclusive art.  What is this you say? 😀  Well, so large conventions usually manage crowd control by giving out stubs or bands so you can get an opportunity to line up AGAIN for exclusive items/access later in the day.  For example, if you want to meet a popular artist, you need to go to there as soon as they open and if you’re lucky you’ll get a stub/band and you can come back at a designated time later on.  If you come by later without this exclusive stub/band then you’re out of luck and will not be able to get access at all.  So I plan to pass by the following booths:
    • DC comics.  I want to see if I can meet Jim Lee (Comic artist/author, now Co-Publisher of DC Comics) or one of the Justice League Celebrities
    • Marvel comics/media.  Also try to meet some of their Artist or Celebrities
    • Image Comics. Same as above.  Robert Kirkman, creator of Walking Dead, will be there.  Good luck to me if I can meet him but, here’s to trying!
    • Hasbro.  They always reveal exclusive SDCC content, maybe I can get in line to buy something?
    • Others, as opportunities present themselves
  • I want to meet a few comic Artists
  • Apparently I was able to snag exclusive access to buy one of LEGO’s Star Wars themed exclusive products.
  • Meet Celebrities: Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Serenity, Castle) is supposed to have an autograph signing.  Will try to meet him.
  • Attend the Eisner or Comic Industry Awards.  This happens much later in the evening around 8pm.
  • Then, it wouldn’t be SDCC if there weren’t any AFTER PARTIES.  As these places quickly get packed I will try to Head over to the Children’s Museum for SyFy’s After Party.  Or go somewhere else!

Day 2 Saturday:

  • Ok, so Saturday may be a bit more chill (surprisingly).  Unfortunately I do NOT have a badge for the convention on Saturday 🙁  So I will be limited to attending all the fun things that happen outside the convention 🙂  Trust me.  ALOT happens outside SDCC.  In fact, you could even go and have a lot of fun WITHOUT even attending the convention itself.  So, I plan to do this on Saturday.
  • Saturday morning, I will make my way to the convention area and scope out the activities outside the convention area.  Usually there’s a pretty large presence by some big media, e.g., Nerdist, IGN, SyFy, etc.  If I find something interesting I may camp out there for the whole day.  Especially if there are any exclusive celebrity interviews.  That happened to me in 2015.  Lighting doesn’t USUALLY strike the same place twice (hehe 😉 ) but we’ll see, here’s to hoping.
  • There are plenty of booths I plan to visit such as the DC Experience, which I already preregistered for
  • Also, Nerdist has something going on will look out for that
  • And, I plan to camp outside the convention, just before the entrance to take some photos and videos of Cosplayers.  This I am very excited for.  There are usually super amazing cosplay at SDCC so I am especially excited for that.
  • Then, just as the dust settles, AFTER PARTY.  That will be a well deserved one for sure!  I already have one in mind but I’m open to other opportunities as they present themselves

Sunday Day 3: Last day

  • So, expectantly this day should be much more relaxing compared to the other days but it will probably be another whirlwind day!
  • One other thing I like to do at conventions is get my comics signed, witnessed and shipped for grading at the event.  Sunday’s are usually the best day’s to get this done, in my opinion, as all the other crazy things are usually done and you can focus your efforts on more targeted tasks (like meeting your favorite artists).
  • So I expect to be running around the convention floor trying to catch my favorite artists.  This in itself can take the ENTIRE day believe me.  Phew.
  • So, I plan to meet some of my favorites, perhaps Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld if I wasn’t already able to meet him on Friday, and get some posters or comics signed
  • There are a few panels happening on Sunday, like the Marvel’s LEGION, so we’ll see if I can attend that
  • Also, plan to get anything else I wasn’t able to do.  Like buy exclusive merchandise or just explore the rest of the con
  • DONE!

So there, that’s my plan.  Now let’s see if I can make it happen!  Or, let’s see if my plans change drastically and I get sent into a whole new dimension of my choosing.. Hmm, I can dream can’t I? 😉



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