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You have reached our humble portal for geek culture on the interwebs. SKKAW.BLOG is a place for geek enthusiasts to share their experiences. That includes our opinions about various topics such as comics, conventions, cosplay, technology and games. We focus on sharing our experiences and interests with you.

For example, if you’ve never been to a large comic convention like San Diego Comic-Con, you can check out one of our Convention Scene posts to get a feel of it’s like to attend.  We also review comics, sci-fi/fantasy books, movies, technology and games. If that, or anything similar interests you, come take a moment to visit our unique space of the geeky goodness.  We hope you enjoy your stay.

Now, if you want to contribute or be part of our growing “Skkawlien” family, go ahead and contact us here.  We’re always looking for more contributors.

Additionally, please note that this blog may contain affiliate and/or referral links which may provide us with a reward in the event of a click through, subscription, or sale.






/sk – awe/
  1. A group of individuals who enjoy sharing their geek culture experiences and interests online.
  2. Also, describes individuals (who are possibly) from the planet of the same name, confirmation unknown..

Planet Skkaw

/ˈplanət/ /sk – awe/
  1. A portal for sharing Geek Culture and Technology experiences and interests online

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