Cosplay Encounters from SDCC 2018

Phew! Man, I just got back and I still have a San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) hang-over.  And part of what I miss are all the amazing Cosplayers I encountered.  So much great skill and talent!  So, without further ado, here's a Gallery of the my favorite Cosplayer Encounters from SDCC 2018. Enjoy! BTW, if... Continue Reading →


I met sooooo many amazing cosplayers over SDCC I'm sharing a FEW here to START. MOST OF MY PHOTOS are on my camera and it'll take just a little time to download and post post process. Please do COME BACK because I'll be posting a more detailed photo / video list of all the amazing... Continue Reading →

SDCC’18 Day 3: Saturday fun! (Part 1)

So I'm now stationed at the Marvel Studios Booth now watching show after show! First up, The Cloak & Dagger signing! I was able to get up close to the cast. See photos below: Now I'm watching Alice performance of Marvel's Eat The Universe, a cooking show. Happening now: They even are giving away free... Continue Reading →

SDCC Day 2: Friday fun day (Part 2)

It's about 2am and I'm needing some much needed rest. But, somehow, I'm still energized and, before bed, would like to share the rest of my highlights from the rest of my Day 2 adventure. One of the big draws at San Diego Comic-Co (SDCC) are the hyper- realistic sculptures from Sideshow. They were highly... Continue Reading →

SDCC DAY 2: Friday funday (Part 1)

Ok! Got here a bit later, 730isham and still lines lines lines More to come when I get inside! Almost there!! Btw I got here at 7:30am! And while I wait, here your morning cuteness from @rampagethemovie Lines are moving... Time check: 8:44am. And still in line.. When in line: Time check: 9:02am. Keyword: anticipation.... Continue Reading →

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