SDCC’18 Day 3: Saturday fun! (Part 2)

And had a blast at the Marvel booth but i started to hear cheers from a crowd close to the DC booth which made me think – who could that possibly be for? So I made my way through the throngs of people and it paid off bigtime!

The cast of Aquaman made an appearance at the DC booth. And boy where there A LOT of people.

Here are some photos of the cast:

They signed posters for fans, which were very limited and the line was super loooong!

And we got to see another (not so) surprise appearance form the cast of:

Here’s he cast signing posters for fans!!

Oh and did I say we got free LOOT?? Because we did just because we were there!

All and all a superhero-ly packed day. I was again exhausted from all the waiting, possibly around >6 hours standing in line. But still so fun!!!

Ok one last day, let’s see where my adventures take me next. Keep up with me now, see you at the next post!

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