Blizzcon18: Live Blog from Day 2!

Anaheim, California – Welcome to Day 2 of our Live Blog coverage from Blizzcon18! So, after sleeping at 4am this morning, editing the cosplay video from yesterday, all I can say is ๐ŸŒ…โฐ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ดโฐ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฑโ˜•๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Ž Anyway! I eventually got to Anaheim Convention Center this morning.

10:30am PDT: Arrived! Time to explore the con! And, in Blizzard fashion, I am greeted by a Morlock Welcome:

10:50m PDT: And if that wasn’t enough I encountered the epic MARCH OF THE MORLOCKS. I don’t think anyone has EVER seen this many Morlock Onesies at one time!

11:15am PDT: Waiting for the Voices of Blizzcon Panel. Unfortunately I’m not a big Overwatch player but I’m curious about the voice actors and the backgrounds/stories.

11:30am PDT: Panel happening now. I was right, love the personal stories and warm Overwatch culture. Feels like one big family. Makes me want to play this game now!

12:30am PDT: Waiting for the StarCraft 2 What’s Next Panel . Curious what’s in store. Really still want to see a StarCraft III or anything else! I’m just a big StarCraft fan and love the lore, characters and storyline aside from playing the game.

1:00pm PDT: The talk took an an interesting turn: Google DeepMind + StarCraft II. So interesting. They showed the early days of training the Google DeepMind AI to play StarCraft. Then they showed an early game were the DeepMind AI beat the best SC2 AI using a Protoss Probe Rush. Not elegant, but effective!

1:04pm PDT: Ended the Deepmind talk with the DeepMind AI smoothly playing StarCraft II like a human does. There’s a lot that has to go into the AI for that to happen and its impressive to watch how far it’s come. They said that the StarCraft DeepMind AI isn’t ready for play against humans but that they’ll definitely tell the StarCraft community once it is. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would look forward to doing so. I guess we’re not at SkyNet level yet ๐Ÿ˜‰ but from the looks of it, we’re almost well on the way to getting close.

1:04pm PDT: Ok panel ended. Time for more exploring! Maybe getting more of my Merch signed!

1:27pm PDT: But wait, bumped into some epic Diablo 3 Cosplay:

And a WHOLE bunch more of cosplayers:

Then I saw some awesome cosplay from @sydabee (Instagram).

3:00pm PDT: Ok so in-between randomly meeting cosplayers I was able to meet the ACTUAL developers of StarCraft, get my StarCraft Merchandise signed by the same developers and get a photo with them:

Gotta day, Blizzcon is the gift that keeps on giving!

4:04pm PDT: Ok, took a break and met a new friend I made at the con. We decided to go buy more merchandise at the Blizzard store. For example, the Funko Pop for the new Overwatch character: Ashe

5:05pm PDT: By this time I’m starving! I will almost literally eat anything. Last meal was breakfast. So I decided to get something to eat. And, I in doing so I ended up at the StarCraft Esports stage watching the StaCraft World Finals between the crowd favorite Serral vs Stats.

5:36pm PDT: And I just watched Serral beat Stats, 3-0 (or a best of 7 games). It’s looking like Serral’s going to win this one. Gotta say, I could never play at that skill and it’s so interesting and entertaining to watch. I didn’t know what the fuss about esports was before but I get it now – it’s A LOTย of fun!

6:08pm PDT: And the game just got MORE exciting! It’s now 3-2, with Serral leading. It looks like it may be anyone’s game!

6:30pm PDT: AND SERRAL WINS THE WOLD STARCRAFT CHAMPIONSHIP! There’s a roar from the crowd and everyone is celebrating his win.

7:13pm PDT: I’m exhausted. Sitting down catching my breath. It’s been a loooong two days, surreal but exciting. So much fun!

That ends our live-blog of Blizzcon 2018! But that’s not the end of our Blizzcon coverage, I experienced so much and had a blast. What else can you expect from In particular:

  • Our Blizzcon 2018 Experience!
  • Diablo IMMORTAL hands-on gameplay review
  • Our favorite Cosplay from Blizzcon (and maybe even another video or two..)
  • Other things I haven’t thought yet!

So, keep following here at for more on Blizzcon 2018!

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