KeyForge Review Part 2 – Deck Analysis, Combos, and Synergies

Welcome back Skkawliens for some more KeyForge tips and fun gameplay. I want to preface this post by saying that if you are already a dedicated KeyForge player, then what follows might not come as much of a surprise to you. Skkaw and I recorded these videos back in early December when we were still newbies to the game.

But if you are a dedicated KeyForge player and are interested in showing off some unique combos or synergies in your decks or want to request a particular combo for us to cover, leave us a comment. We would love to feature you and your killer combos.

Whether new to the game or a tournament champ, we list some good resources to judge your decks. Without further ado, here’s our first KeyForge combos and synergies post!

How can I tell if I opened a good deck?

The best way to tell if your deck is good is to play it a lot against as many other unique decks as possible. If you win more than you lose, then you probably have a good deck. But without playing, if you are judging a deck then you want to look for balance. Look for a good balance of æmber generation and board control, and creatures and actions. Too much of any of these and your deck might not perform as well against certain decks. For example, a deck with a lot of æmber generation and no board control may not do well against a deck with many creatures with control abilities.

There are other ways to analyze decks. ADHD is one deck analyzer that splits a deck into four categories (Æmber, Board control, Control, Efficiency) assigning cards a score and placing them into one of the above categories to create a score for each category in a deck. Burger Tokens also has a cool deck analyzer that is more visual than ADHD that will show you the stats on your deck – things like how many creatures, actions, etc. compared to the average deck. These are good tools for judging a deck’s strength in relation to others. It’s also a cool way to better understand how the cards in your deck work together, in some cases creating fun combos or synergies.

Synergies and Card Combos

Something else that can make a deck stronger and more fun to play is the combos and synergies that cards in a deck have with each other. Synergy is simply cards that work well together from all three of the houses in a deck. Synergy is also something not calculated by ADHD, though Burger Tokens is able to show you some of the synergies in your deck. For example, one of my decks has several artifacts and two creatures that have an ability that allows me to gain one æmber any time I use an artifact; this is synergy. Card combos are cards that allow you to string together several actions and can sometimes be connected to synergy. Check out the videos below for some fun card combos and synergies.

Hunting Witch Combo:

This is one of the easiest combos to pull off. All you need is Hunting witch in your hand and some other untamed creatures to gain lots of Æmber. This combo works especially well if you have a nocturnal maneuver or lost in the woods you can play beforehand to get rid of any attackers. It also works great with Dust Pixie and Fuzzy Gruen to gain insane amber. And, the kicker, throw down a Chota Hazri or Key Charge to forge a key on your turn!

Library Access Combo with Synergy:

Library access is great when you have lots of logos cards in your hand and some logos artifacts like Library of Babble or other creatures that allow you to draw cards. Other cards that go especially well with it are Phase Shift and Wild Wormhole. You can keep that chain going for as long as you can continue to play logos cards, which can sometimes allow you to play several creatures and actions to kill creatures or steal some Æmber, not to mention get a bunch of new cards to play next turn. When I have several logos cards and one great shadow Æmber control card like Bait and Switch, I’ll use Phase Shift to be able to play all my logos cards, draw more cards, and play bait and switch.

I hope you enjoyed our KeyForge videos and insights. Don’t miss the third and final part of my Keyforge review where I do a pros and cons breakdown of the game and explain how to import your physical decks so you can play Keyforge online!

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