Our Experience of the Captain Marvel Opening Night Fan Event (Spoiler Free)

I was lucky enough to attend AMC’s Opening Night Fan Event for Captain Marvel this evening.  In addition to seeing the film a full hour earlier than everyone else in North America, we were shown some exclusive content, received a Captain Marvel collectible freebie and offered awesome merchandise. Keep reading below for our spoiler-free experience from the event!

I got to the theatre early because I was that excited.  Yes, it doesn’t take that much to win me over because I am a true blue Marvel fan, but this was Captain Marvel.  I wouldn’t miss this for the world!

So yes, I got to the theatre 30 minutes early.  After I got my ticket scanned from my phone, I was ushered to an adjacent booth.  There, I was presented with my very own Captain Marvel Opening Night Movie coin.


Exclusive Captain Marvel Opening Night Fan Event Coin

If watching the movie wasn’t a reward enough, this coin completely overloaded my expectations.  The quality of the coin looked pretty impressive and it always feels fun to get some free exclusive stuff.  But that wasn’t all.  Because, of course, MERCHANDISE.  Marvel wasn’t wasting any time to sell me some Captain Marvel products, and I wasn’t going to waste my time waiting to buy them either!

img_1916 Some of the Captain Marvel Merchandise on Sale at the Theatre

So, it was the right thing to do to get there 30 minutes early because, just a few minutes later, more and more people started to trickle into the cinema.  But, even as lines started to build I wasn’t worried because I had time.  So prior to getting my pop-corn (which thankfully came free with my ticket), I went over to the gift shop to get a closer look at the stuff up for grabs.

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A Close-up view of some of the items on sale at the gift shop

From everything on sale, my favorites were the Captain Marvel Funko Pop Figurine and the black and white Captain Marvel T-Shirt.  The Captain Marvel Funko Pop Figurine because I’m hoping to one day I get Brie Larson to sign it.  The black and white shirt felt a bit more my style compared to the colored one.  Although, the colored one looked pretty cool too.

I eventually found my way to my seat and waited for the movie to start.  Again, I got there early, so I had a few previews to sit through.  That didn’t bother me though, but it did add to the anticipation!  Eventually, unlike regular movies, a static banner was shown for about 2 minutes:


Then, we were greeted by Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson on screen! If you’ve been following Marvel on Instagram lately, it was pretty much similar to the posts and video’s they’ve been sharing.  It’s obvious both Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson have a really fun dynamic together.


Photo from Marvel’s Instagram that pretty much sum’s up the exclusive content we saw

They dropped a few jokes, thanked the fans for coming and introduced the movie.  Although I was hoping for more, e.g., outtakes or a gag reel from the movie, Marvel’s probably saving all that for the digital download (e.g., via iTunes or through DVD).  So I’m not complaining 🙂

The movie itself was great.  Again, it doesn’t take much for a Marvel movie to please an uber Marvel fan like me.  So yeah, I really enjoyed it.  It was definitely a memorable event too.  For example, it was pretty cool that the audience started clapping with the starting credits.  I won’t say anything here, but you’ll understand why when you see the movie.

The movie was so much fun! There was much more comedy than I expected. The dynamic between Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson kept everyone laughing throughout.  Also, definitely wait until the end of the movie.  There are two end credit scenes and you won’t want to miss them.

In summary, I really enjoyed the Captain Marvel Opening Night Fan Event.  It was my first cinema-based fan event to attend and it was pretty fun.  I’m probably going to attend another and I’ll probably recommend it my Marvel fan buddies to do the same in the future (ahem, AVENGERS: ENDGAME).  Also, I highly recommend watching the movie itself.  If you’re a Marvel fan it’s a must see.  If you just want to see an action-packed superhero movie with an inspiring lead character/actor and an awesome cast, and fun visual effects –  they’ve got you covered as well.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go watch the movie already! 😉


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