FanimeCon Cosplay 2019

FanimeCon, being Northern California’s largest anime convention, draws a lot of attendees. A significant portion of attendees come either dressed as, or attend looking forward to seeing, some of their favorite Cosplay.  It goes without saying that the Cosplay at FanimeCon is nothing short of amazing.  This year was no exception!  But hey, don’t take it from us, check out our favorite FanimeCon Cosplay below:

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Also, we had so much fun, we made a FanimeCon Cosplay video!  Check it out:

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Cosplay Credits (via Instagram):

Cell: @thecrimsonrocket

Vegeta: @Jerrski712

Nightmare Before Christmas: @bumble___beee





Jojo Group: @biju.00 @college_cosplay @akarite @sweetieorangeboi @efnirah @ocean.bubble

Megaman Vile: @Zankantou00

Diablo-Overwatch: @Cosplayable

Mary Poppins: @Kimbercosplay @sergeanti_

Spider-man Group: @smolpixel_ @Jp_._ren

Zack Fair: @captaineddiemullis

Mera: @captainkayceecosplay

Loki: @bobalifts

Camy: @shinylikethesun



Tony Stark @pedroza7607

Dragon ball @Sherbys_cnp @churrosandflan @unlucky_criminal

Missandei @courtneeloves

Daenerys Targaryen @phantomsociety


Dragon Simetra @Aviananticscosplay

Legend of Zelda majoras mask skull kid @nids0l

Capt. America @Limitlessedgelee

She-Ra @diamondxgirl








Totoro @sweetfong916





IT @tombobblender

Dr. Strange @timps4life

Ironman @jj510to415

Princess Mononoke  @piratesandsunsets

Peter Pan Cosplay: @magicalgirls

If we missed anyone please just contact us so we can add you.

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