Cosplay of SVCC 2019

Skkawliens! We had another amazing time meeting so many talented cosplayers at Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) this year. They totally completed our SVCC experience!  Check out some of our favorites from the con below.  We also included a slideshow of all our SVCC cosplay encounters. We had a blast!

Wonderful Wonder Woman


Impressive Dwarven Battle Armour


Yondu and Starlord, Guardians of the Galaxy!


Mysterio, Master of Illusion!


Robin, from the Dark Knight Returns


Mr. and Mrs. J!


The Marvelous Ms. Marvel!


DC Super Heroes and Villians Team up!


Marvel Super Heroes and Villian Team up!


Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool!


And here’s a photo slideshow for more of the amazing cosplayers we met at SVCC:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Instagram tags:

Poison Ivy: @thisisnotliamthecat

Spider-Woman : @missy_tee_l


Dwarven Armour: @Littledevilcosplay

Mysterio: @ATMcosplay

Yondu & Starlod: @kaleigh.okay


Napoleon Dynamite: @seantheperson

Carmen San Diego & Waldo: @Sunflowersammi01

General Grievous: @imakecostumes

Darth Maul: @marshal_commander

Storm Trooper: @Cali_fives

Meera and Daenerys Targaryen:  @Irishpunchcosplay

Deadpool: @sj.deadpool

Daenerys Targaryen: @Reyofsunshine__

Ichigo: @tdawg_dphantom_cosplay-

Gwenom: @izuri.cosplay

Hellboy: @Matt_chingon

Ironman: @Jurassicjustin18

Penguin: @stupiddumbcosplay

Batman: @acro_fitness_fp

Deathstroke: @dedly.rabt.cosplay @Jmak18

Harley: @October_rainstorm

Wonder Woman:

Godzilla: @genericcosplay_


Ms. Marvel: @amirian28

Marvel Team Up: @Annalynbond


T2 Arnold: @Kyronart

Venom: @Aidan_the_legend

Harley: @sultrypsychoxo

Joker : @lucky_s7v7ns

Deadpool – Silk:  @Kotjcosplay @loydawearssilk

The real Miles Morales: @Anthonyngofilms

The Joker: @Jokerslaughingfish

Thank you so much for stopping and letting us snap your picture! If we missed tagging you, please contact us so we can give you credit for your hard work!

Cosplay photo credit: @skkaw


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