Come Join Us, Virtually, @Mainframe Comic Con!

Hello Skkawliens! We hope you are all SAFE and HEALTHY out there during this time. Like everyone out here, us fellow Skkawliens are not immune to the unfortunate events that have recently taken place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are saddened by all the hardships everyone around the world is experiencing and hope you are all doing well wherever you are staying or calling home (e.g., for us it’s the Planet Skkaw.. 😉 ).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all comic conventions, get-togethers, and in-person geek gatherings have been canceled. This even includes San Diego Comic Con 2020, which our team was scheduled to attend this year. So, when we heard there was going to be a FREE online Comic Con featuring the top names from the comic and entertainment industry, we just had to share it here! What is the online Comic Con you ask? Mainframe Comic Con of course!

Mainframe Comic Con is a 2-Day Online Comic Convention featuring big-name celebrity  Interviews, Audience Q&A Panels, Artist Alley Shopping, Cosplay Features, and Live Comic Book Auctions, to name a few. Broadcasting from Chicago Comics in the Heart of the Windy City, this FREE ONLINE EVENT is definitely one you do not want to miss. Want to hear more about this event, check out the video below from Chuck Load of Comics below:

We can’t wait to VIRTUALLY attend this convention and hope all you lovely folks out there will put on your best pair of sweats (you know who you are!), sit back, relax, and watch the nerd show commence! We will definitely share our thoughts post-con on here at SKKAW.BLOG including the any announcements and shenanigans from what we think will be one of the BIGGEST online conventions of the year. So, be sure to follow us here at SKKAW.BLOG if you can’t log in during the event or want to hear our thoughts post con.

Oh, and did we mention this is all for charity? Proceeds from the Mainframe Comic Con donations will go to the American Red Cross and COVID-19 Relief, and Hero Initiative. This is a WIN-WIN situation all around! What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars to attend Mainframe Comic Con. Visit the websites below to tune-in and for more details. Folks, it’s going to be a fun ride!


Are you going to log in for Mainframe Comic Con? What are you excited to see from this event? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! And, be sure to keep following us for more reviews, news, and more.

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