Join us for MORE @Mainframe Comic Con: AUG 15-16 2020

Skkawliens! Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough online comic con goodness, we get wind of even MORE Mainframe Comic Con! If you’re not already aware of Mainframe Comic Con, you should check out our coverage from the first Mainframe Comic Con held earlier this year. We had a blast logging in for that event, and are looking forward to tuning in for this second round of Mainframe Comic Con to be held August 15 and 16.

As a quick refresher, Mainframe Comic Con is a 2-Day Online Comic Convention featuring big-name celebrity  Interviews, Audience and Q&A Panels. It is a FREE ONLINE EVENT. But what are WE looking forward to seeing at Round 2 of Mainframe Comic Con? Check out our list below:

Skkaw’s Picks

I grew up watching the Justice League Animated Series, Teeanage Mutatnt Ninja Turtles (TMNT) and of course I’m a big fan of Avengers ENDGAME. So when I saw the line up for Mainframe Comic Con Round 2 I instantly new what I was going to go see! First up the Justice League Voices event. It may be fun to put a face to a name for my favorite DC animated superhero team. Next up, I’m curious what Kevin Eastman (co-creator to the TMNT) is up to now days. And finally, I’d be interested to hear some stories from Ross Marquand who played the Red Skull (Stonekeeper). He may have some interesting back stories we haven’t heard about from the making of AVENGERS ENDGAME. Should be a fun con!

Justin’s Panel Choices

Being a huge modern comic nerd, I am going to focus on watching comics creators whose work I love but want to get to know better as people. I am a huge fan of Jock’s art style and loved his work on Wytches, Batman: The Black Mirror, and The Batman Who Laughs. I want to hear about his art process and some upcoming comics he’ll be working on. I also love horror comics, and Cullen Bunn is constantly knocking it out of the park with horror stories like Harrow County. I’m curious to see where he gets all of those creepy story ideas. Lastly, I would like to get to know the up and coming artist Frank Gogol. His comic Dead End Kids was really popular and sold out super fast last year, and the same can be said for his newest comic, No Heroine. Admittedly, I haven’t read either of those titles but I’m excited to learn more about him and the stories he’s telling.

Mainframe Comic Con Links


Are you going to log in for MORE Mainframe Comic Con? What are you excited to see from this event? Let us know at the Comments section below! And, be sure to keep following us for more reviews, news, and more.

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