SiliconSJ 2021 Cosplay

Skkawliens! We were so grateful to have been able to attend SiliconSJ 2021 in person this year. We’re also so grateful to have been able to meet so many talented and amazing cosplayers there. I mean, what would SiliconSJ be without its awesome cosplayers!?! Why, we even tried our hand at cosplaying this year ourselves (full @skkawdalorian post coming soon).

But enough about that, let’s talk Silicon 2021 cosplay. But wait, why talk, when we can just show you all the amazing cosplayers we encountered. Before we go on, please excuse all the Mandalorian (@skkawdalorian) cosplay in each of the photos. It’s very challenging to attend a con in full cosplay and get photos of cosplayers. So what you see below is a compromise. Ok, without further delay, here’s are our favorite cosplay encounters from SiliconSJ 2021!











Special thanks to @calgirljoy2000 for the photos @burnsbill, @bat.bones.cos, @lebo_wan_kenobi, and @bleukat.

Take note, when we say “favorite” we just mean cosplayers we chose to feature above. Unfortunately, we can’t feature all the cosplay we encountered above (you would scroll forever!). I mean, all the cosplay at SiliconSJ 2021 was just drop dead impressive! But don’t take our word for it, check out the slideshow below of all the remaining cosplay we didn’t feature above but was amazing, impressive and so fun to meet and see in person.

In no particular order, cosplayers featured above which we were able to get Instagram tags for are: Raya (@calgirljoy2000), Mandalorian with baby yoda in stroller (@gata_fiera22), Phoenix (@sayyadina42), Spider-Gwen (@bloodthirsttrap), Gator Loki (@cindylandforever), Furry + Star Trek (@kevinhoganbenicia), Rocketeer (@14killstripes), WWII Captain America (@evancray), Star Wars cosplay (@starwars_superfan66), Halo Spartan (@clurrfitzy), Deadpool (@sj.Deadpool), Captain America, Camo-Mando, Harley Quinn (@enasinivee), COBRA Baroness (@karla_korazon), and TMNT Leonardo.

It was so great meeting everyone at SiliconSJ 2021 in person this year. It was also really great to see everyone’s cosplay, sharing con stories and cosplay tips/tricks. Overall, such a blast. We hope you enjoyed our cosplay feature for Silicon 2021 this year! Please be sure to keep following us here, Like, subscribe and all that good stuff for more Geek and Pop Culture goodness.

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