WonderCon 2022 Lets Go!

Surprise! We are headed to WonderCon 2022 via our collaboration with @writergamernerd. We met @writergamernerd covering SDCC 2021, and were immediately blown away by her cosplay. We were also so happy to hear that she is a writer herself, and has covered other cons in the past (DragonCon). We are so excited to announce our collaboration with her to cover Wondercon 2022! I mean, check out her Wonder Woman cosplay in full in Amazonian Battle Armor, from SDCC 2021, below.

Twitter/IG: @writergamernerd, Blog: https://writergamernerd.com

@writergamernerd or also known as Alice, is a writer, gamer, cosplayer, and all around nerd who sometimes writes about video games on her blog, link above. She can be found on Twitter and instagram via @writergamernerd, talking about cosplaying and writing. Be sure to follow her on all the applicable social media platforms!

Like we said earlier, we will be collaborating with @writergamernerd to cover WonderCon 2022 for SKKAW.BLOG this year. We’re so excited to collaborate with her, and can’t wait to share her WonderCon 2022 experience with all you Skkawliens out there. She has a whole a lot activities planned, including talking at panel about cosplay volunteering, supporting at the Avengers Initiative (more on that soon!) and of course sharing her amazing cosplay.

So, if you haven’t been to WonderCon 2022, and have been curious to go or interested to see what it’s like, be sure to keep following us here to get updates from our WonderCon 2022 coverage!

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