Star Wars Celebration Cosplay 2022

Had such a blast at Star Wars Celebration (SWCA) this year. I heard, and saw from previous cons online, that the cosplay game for SWCA was off the charts. And true enough, this also being the first Star Wars celebration post pandemic, you all did not disappoint! So of course, we had to share the cosplay we encountered inside and outside the show floor with everyone here. With that said, check out our SWCA 2022 cosplay encounters below:

All tags above via Instagram (IG). If we missed tagging anyone please be sure to contact us over email at, or message us on Instagram via IG@skkaw so we can tag you above.

It was so great meeting everyone at SWCA 2022 this year! We really hope you enjoyed our cosplay post for SWCA 2022. Can’t even express how much fun it was meeting everyone there. So looking forward to meeting everyone again at the next con (whichever con that may be).

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