San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Let’s Go!

The long wait is over! After 2 years San Diego Comic-Con 2022 (SDCC 2022) is back. And members from our team, including yours truly, will be there to capture as much of the excitement on the ground. To get an idea of what we’re looking forward to, see a short list of our planned activities below:

Comic Artist Meet, Greet and Autographs

SDCC is known for all the amazing talent that come together for this popular and historic con. SDCC 2022, even after the pandemic, is no exception. Below are a few of the comic artists we’re looking forward to seeing, and hopefully, meeting at SDCC:

Exclusive Events

There are so many things happening at SDCC, it’s so challenging to track them all. From experience, our team has found it’s best to choose the events and activities you’re most interested in. Try to get in (if you can!), and have a back-up plan if you don’t. Because, if rather than get disappointed by missing one thing, there will always be another thing do and enjoy! Here’s a list of a few events we’re looking forward to catching:

Artists from the Cryptoys NFT platform will be signing a VERY exclusive He-Man poster on Friday, July 22 from 1pm-2pm. If that isn’t enough, there is a QR code at Mattel’s booth fans can register to receive an exclusive SDCC 2022 NFT gift from Cryptoys at the Masters of the Universe launch.

DC is bringing the creators behind Dark Crisis to SDCC for an exclusive signing for fans. Dark Crisis is a DC universe event where Justice League including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman are dead, leaving the remaining heroes to protect the world from DC’s greatest villains. Creators Daniel Sampere & Joshua Williamson will be in attendance for the event.

  • And the list goes on! We can’t track ’em all, but rest assured we’ll be sharing what else we encounter at the con.

SDCC 2022 Exclusives Merch

SDCC is legendary when it comes to its exclusive merchandise. Looks like SDCC 2022 will not disappoint. With that in mind, check out some of the merch we are eyeing form SDCC this year. For the full list, visit SDCC Blog by checking out the links below.

  • Longfly SDCC Exclusives

General activities we’re looking forward to

  • SDCC Announcements and surprises
  • Celebrity and TV show / movie cast member sightings
  • Outside Comic-con experiences
  • Of course, what would Comic-Con be without Cosplay encounters!
  • And, much much more!

The above is just a the tip of the iceberg when it comes what you can expect from SDCC 2022. It’s totally looking like it’s going to be another epic con. Of course, we’ll be sharing our experience here. Here’s what you can expect from us here at SKKAW.BLOG


  • Con Stories SDCC 2022 Edition (during the con, one post per day from Wed Jul 20 – Sun Jul 24)
  • SDCC 2022 Cosplay Encounters (after the con)
  • SDCC Highlights (after the con)
  • And possibly, you guessed it, much much more!

So keep following us here to get all the latest and greatest exciting updates from the SDCC 2022 show floor!

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