Dragonsteel 2022 Cosplay

Dragonsteel 2022 was an amazing con! It was a fun and exciting get together for Brandon Sanderson fans to appreciate everything Cosmere. And that definitely showed in the cosplay of Dragonsteel 2022. The passion and dedication everyone put into their cosplay really showed! So without further ado, do check out the amazing cosplay our blog encountered at Dragonsteel this year:

It was so great meeting everyone at Dragonsteel 2022. I cannot wait to see what Brandon Sanderson inspired cosplay you come up with for next year. To everyone I met at Dragonsteel 2022:

Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.

Enjoy the journey!

UPDATE (11.20.2022): If the above peaked your interest, do check out our other Dragonsteel 2022 posts below:

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