SDCC DAY 2: Friday funday (Part 1)

Ok! Got here a bit later, 730isham and still lines lines lines

More to come when I get inside!

Almost there!! Btw I got here at 7:30am!

And while I wait, here your morning cuteness from @rampagethemovie

Lines are moving…

Time check: 8:44am. And still in line..

When in line:

Time check: 9:02am. Keyword: anticipation.

And if you were wondering how long the line is behind me..

And I’m in!!!!

It’s a rush to all the good loot!

It paid off! First in line for exclusive content!!!

Feel the LEGO power!!!

I cant share enough how amazingly overwhelming it is here!

Ok now I’m at the CGC Signature Series to get my comics signed, witnessed and graded.

If you’re not aware, you can go to a comic authority, basically a third party, to witness artists/authors signing your comics. They also grade comics. I usually use CGC for my comic signatures. I’ll cover this in more detail in a separate article. For now, suffice it to say I was able to most of all the comics I brought for witnessing and signing. Process was A LOT more smoother then I was expecting!

Just got my comics signed by marc silvestri, creator of Cyber Force, The Darkness and CEO of Top Cow Productions. These comics have a lot of sentimental value (grew up with them).

On a side note. I complemented Marc on the cover of The Darkness (the comic book with the black cover). He laughed and said that, what really happened was the publisher asked him for a variant cover within the same day so he just made a quick sketch and blacked out most of the rest of the comic book. Those kind of stories are why I come to these events. They really enrich the whole comic experience!

This post is getting a bit looooong in the tooth. I’m going to cut it short for now and update this on a separate post: Day 2, Part 2.

Thanks for reading. See you in a bit!

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