SDCC Day 2: Friday fun day (Part 2)

It’s about 2am and I’m needing some much needed rest. But, somehow, I’m still energized and, before bed, would like to share the rest of my highlights from the rest of my Day 2 adventure.

One of the big draws at San Diego Comic-Co (SDCC) are the hyper- realistic sculptures from Sideshow. They were highly recommended to me among other con goers so I had to take a look see. Below are some of my favorites. If I had to choose from I’d say the Thanos sculpture would be the one. You can almost feel the anger and frustration from him!

DC had some notable ones too. Check out the Batman v Superman below and Super Girl. Totally awesome.

I continued to roam the show floor. It was fun! There were so many different booths and the booth art was amazing.

I also saw some presence from Alex Ross famed illustrator who did the likes of kingdom come and other comics.

Here are some random things that caught me eye. And trust me there were a lot!

I also met some old friends.

And made some new ones!

And came home with more than my share of loot, which are mostly gifts for others. Ur of course including me 😅

Planet skkaw signing off for Day 2!

I’ll be living sharing/posting again for Day 3 later… So, until then. Thanks for following!

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