SDCC’18 Day 4: Save the best for last (Part 1)

Phew! Last day of Comic Con and I still have at least 5 things on my list I want to see/do. This time though I didn’t leave SO early and I took my time 😊 Which means I got to Comic Con around 8am (opens at 9:30am on a Sunday). So, what’s it like to attend the last day of Comic-Con? Here’s a snapshot of my day:

Still lines, lines and more lines:

I then waited for the cast of FX/Marvel’s Legion. Legion is a spin-off show of Marvel’s X-Men. I don’t want to give too much away as if I say anything more it could spoil it for you. Anyway, There was some more waiting and then success. Below are some photos I took of the cast while they were doing some poster signings:

I got pretty close to the stage and I’m pretty proud of these photos.

After that, I went ahead and explored the comic con floor a bit more. I’ve been here for 3 days already but only scratched the surface. Referring to the map below I spent most of my time in the middle of the convention, encircled in the convention floor map blue below. That’s whate Marvel, DC, Image, Hasbro, Lego and all the other big name comic, toy and media outlets were mostly. I also spent some time in the Artist Alley (Labeled area G). So, this time I wanted to check out the other end of the convention, encircled in Red below.

To give you a better perspective of just how LARGE the convention floor is see some photos below:

So what did I find? Turns out most of the video game companies were there showing off their new titles and game related merchandise there. Companies like Blizzard (World of Warcraft, Diablo III, StarCraft), PlayStation, Nintendo, and game developers like Capcom.

Along there’s always some fun stuff to look at:

Ok, that’s it for this post. But more on that in my follow-up and concluding SDCC show floor experience post!

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