SDCC’18 DAY 4: Save the best for last (Part 2)

After exploring the convention one last time I focused on doing one thing to complete my SDCC 2018 experience. To attend a panel discussion with the cast of LEGION at Hall H. Ok, so if you’re aware Hall H is the most notorious of all of San Diego Comic Con Panels. For example, Hall H is where Marvel Studios made their big announcement that Josh Brolin was going to play Thanos for Avengers Infinity War.

Now attending a panel like the above is notoriously difficult because of the amount of people who want to get into the panel. Also Hall H does not clear the Hall after the previous panel. So, if you wanted to see a panel at 1pm, you could go to the previous that was let’s say at 12pm and just wait until your preferred panel starts. The only issue being that people tend to stay in Hall H and don’t leave, but that’s beside the point. The main issue about getting into Hall H are the tremendously long lines. People literally camp out overnight to make sure they are in line for Hall H.  You can see some examples of Hall H lines here care of SDCC Blog.

After asking around I was told that the best day to attend a panel at Hall H, without the stress of having to wait the long lines, is to attend the last panel on the last day of SDCC.  I was lucky because, the last panel was FX / MARVEL’s LEGION.  So, at the appropriate time I went to Hall H expecting the worst but…  I was met with this:

And a about 10 minutes later, I was at there!

Once you’re inside, especially while a panel is going on and the lights are off it’s extremely dark and there are rows on rows of monitors.  I followed the guy in front of me who knew was familiar with Hall H (we had just chatted).  When we entered there was a recap of Legion Season 2 on all the monitors.  We used our phone lights to guide our way.  I was literally passing rows and rows of chairs and large screen monitors.  Until I got pretty close to the stage and there were a lot more empty seats.  I chose a seat and got ready.  Soon, the cast was introduced and the panel began. Here are some photos from the LEGION panel:

Suffice it to say, it was an awesome panel and I really enjoyed it. This certainly was a great way to end my SDCC 2018 experience.  I think I’ll try to attend a bigger panel next year.  Who knows, maybe I’ll bring my camping gear then 😉

Thanks for coming along with me on my SDCC 2018 Adventure!  But wait, this blow-by-blow day-to-day SDCC experience may be over but I still have more than a few things to share.  To start, here’s a short list of things to follow-up:

  • My Favorite Cosplay Encounters from SDCC 2018
  • A Visual Tour of SDCC 2018 booths and displays (before it opens)
  • Plan to go to SDCC?  Here are some tips and maybe some tricks to help you navigate the SDCC seas
  • More to come..

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and see you at the next post!

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