Cosplay Encounters from NYCC 2018

Is it Halloween yet? Not quite (unless you are reading this on Halloween), but if you want to experience the peak of adult costume creativity, then you must experience the cosplay from NYCC! The amount of time, dedication, and artistry that goes into these costumes is mind blowing. Please enjoy the cosplay I experienced from NYCC below:

If you happen to see yourself in these photos and want to be tagged or removed, please drop me a line here. Thank you so much to all of the amazing cosplayers who allowed me to photograph them!

Cosplayers featured in the slideshow include:

@Blackkryptonian2.0 as Luke Cage; @chelseavonchastity, @jacqui.painter, and @shaikayosh as Bowsettes; @midrunnercosplay as Ghost Rider; @mistycthebanshee as Venom; @darkcrystal72 as Swamp Thing; and Steven Cohen as Dr. Evil.

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