Going to Blizzcon 2018!

I’m so excited to announce that the Planet Skkaw will be covering Blizzcon 2018! If you’re not a gamer you may be wondering, what’s Blizzcon? Well Blizzcon is Blizzard Entertainment‘s gaming and esports celebration.  It’s held annually at the Anaheim Convention center in Southern California. Also, if you’re not aware, Blizzard Entertainment is responsible for creating such games as World or WarCraft (WoW), StarCraft, Diablo and Overwatch. Some of which have made a significant influence in today’s gaming industry and pop-culture.  For example, with the recent WarCraft movie which grossed $433 million worldwide.

So when is Blizzcon? This Friday November 2nd and Saturday November 3rd! Yes so soon, but don’t fret, we’ll be there to share our experience.

And, you may also be wondering, what’s there to look forward to?  Apparently there’s going to be a BIG Diablo announcement, of course the Blizzard esports events and, no con is complete without: COSPLAY.  And Blizzcon Cosplay has always been known to be world-class!

So, if you’re curious to know what’s it’s like to go to Blizzcon, or are just wondering what all the fuss is about, be sure to follow here at the Planet Skkaw. I’ll be sharing the Planet Skkaw’s convention experience, all the exciting announcements as they happen and other cool things we may encounter!

Specifically, here’s what you can expect from our coverage:

  • Live Blog of our experience of the opening ceremonies, big announcements and panels
  • Convention floor experience, including photos (where possible)
  • Cosplay coverage! and..
  • MORE!

So, strap yourselves in 😉 , it’s going to be an awesome convention!

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