Blizzcon18: Live Blog!

Anaheim, California – Welcome to the Planet Skkaw’s Live Blog of Blizzcon18! I’ll be posting updates here as they happen. So follow me as I descend into what will probably be an EPIC Con adventure!

9:09am PDT: So here I am at my first Blizzcon! And one word at the gate: LINES. My convention experience forewarned me about this so nothing surprising. TIP: I could have gotten my badge a day earlier but my flight came in late. Based on this experience, it’s highly recommended to get your badge the day before the convention.

9:29am PDT: Still in line but lines are moving. 👍🏼

9:56am PDT: And I’m in! Wasn’t that long provided I got here around 9am. All good!

9:56am PDT: I’m at the Blizzard Store, going to get me a Blizzcon shirt and other swag! This is probably the only time I’ll get to do this so best to do it now. Thankfully the convention center is very well air-conditioned and cool. Here’s some loot exclusively for sale at the Blizzcon Store:

11:18am PDT: Blizzcon begins! A great montage cinematic starts and Mike Morhaime, co-founder co-founder and the former president of Blizzard Entertainment introduces the show.

11:29am PDT: Mike Morhaime calls the new Blizzard president J. Allen Brack to the stage. They share a warm moment and Allen thanks Mike for all his contributions to Blizzard. After saying a few words of thanks for the kind welcome as president Allen stresses the value of The blizzard esports community and introduces a video. The video shows the challenges of being an esports competitor.

11:29am PDT: J. Allen announces character for Heroes of the storm Orphia(?)!

11:44am PDT: World of WarCraft Tides of Vengeance Announced! To cheers from the crowd of #ForTheHorde #ForTheAlliance

11:48am PDT: World of WarCraft Classic release date announced: Summer 2019. Crowd applauds loudly!

11:51am PDT: World of WarCraft Tides of Vengeance cinematic plays. Whoa boy, crowd goes wild with Saurfang! Whoa chilla down my spine from all the cheers of Saurfang (most probably) teaming up with the Alliance!

12:05pm PDT: Time stand still as an Overwatch cinematic plays.

12:11pm PDT: New character introduced: Ashe. The crowd loves her. When she used her fun to jump the we’re a distinct awe from the crowd. So much announced (but wait there’s more)!

12:15pm PDT: WarCraft III reforged announcement! I got GOOSEBUMPS. Crowd goes crazy! What else can there be in store for today!? I can’t wait for the Diablo announcement now!

12:38pm PDT: Diablo Immortal Announced! Game between Diablo 2 and 3. Finally tells us what happened between these two games. GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!

1:42pm PDT: Blizzcon Cosplay time! Here are a few cosplay photos to start:

3:17pm PDT: OK. Took a break from all the fun-craziness that was the convention and gut lunch. What a rush! But wait, can’t stop now. I’m going back in to catch up with what else happening in Blizzcon. In-between it all I was able to get some awesome Cosplay photo from outside the convention. Check out some of my photos below:

7:28pm PDT: So much happened. To catch you up: I continued my cosplay coverage. Met some more AWESOME Cosplay. Then I tried out the Diablo Immortal via the hands-on session. And THEN I got my Blizzard merch signed by BOTH the Diablo AND The StarCraft developer teams. Made some awesome new friends. Watched underdog favorite Joona “Serral” Sotala from Finland win the StarCraft Quarter Final match. And now… I’m watching the Blizzcon Community Night!

7:44pm PDT: The Community. Igor is focused on Cosplay and talent shows like music and live performances. I was very happy to find out I was lucky enough to meet some of the Cosplay constants beforehand already. Here are a few of them, whom I’m based to vote for as well 😉

9:11pm PDT: The Community ended and it was a blast! There was so much Cosplay and great talent. I have to say I’m impressed. The Cosplay contest winners were particularly interesting as the overall winner fly all the way from Russia with her husband who also was a winner in his bracket. Photos of me and the Cosplay contest winners below:

Such an impressive Jaina Proudmoore Cosplay, overall cosplay contest winner, and Arthas, winners of his bracket.

10:20pm PDT: It’s late. I’m tired. But man, I’m still wide awake and so is Blizzcon!

10:20pm PDT: I ended up watching Method Black V.S. Method Orange for the Blizzard ARENA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. It was an exciting match! At times you’d think one team would beat the other, the other teams make a comeback, all the while at the triumphant cheers from the crowd! It seems the fun would never end. Alas I needed to leave as it was getting late and waaaay past my bedtime.

All and all, Blizzcon Day 1 did not disappoint! Keep following here for more from Blizzcon Day 2. 👍🏼

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