Blizzcon18: Pre-Blizzcon Party!

So after a busy week at work I am excited to report I arrived safe and sound at Anaheim California ready for Blizzcon18! I decided to fly in a day early so I could get a head start at the convention – but that’s not the only reason why.. I wanted to attend a pre-Blizzcon party! And as I found out later, it was the pre-Blizzcon party 😎

The party I attended was hosted by WoWHead, a World of Warcraft Community site. To be honest I had no idea what I was walking into… But OMGosh Blizzcon-goers KNOW HOW TO PARTY! See below photos that pretty much sum up how EPIC this pre-Blizzcon party was:

Loot being thrown around from multipe stages: Overwatch pins, Blizzard/WowHead plush characters, Overwatch figurines, bags, MORE Overwatch pins, posters, you name it, it was given away! What did it feel like at the party, in summary: Loud dance music, everyone shouting #ForTheAlliance #ForTheHorde drinks, dancing and blizzcon themed Cosplay. Now mulitply that by 1000x – that’s what this party was like! So. Much. Fun. WISH YOU WERE HERE! 

I cannot wait for Blizzcon itself.  Now off to bed.  Keep following here to catch more for what’s probably going to be an amazing show!

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