Heroes and Villians FanFest 2018!

Last weekend we were lucky enough to attend the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest (HVFF) at San Jose, CA.  HVFF is a smaller convention which tours the United States (Portland, Chicago, New Jersey, Nashville, San Jose) brining along celebrities from your favorite Superhero TV shows!  The convention allows for fans to meet and greet their favorite stars, including getting autographs and taking photos with them.  It’s definitely a much smaller convention than San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), which was actually a breath of fresh air from all the larger conventions we had recently attended.

Here’s a look at the convention floor:


As you can see the convention wasn’t really that packed but still had a lot of interesting shops and things to do.  A few shops that come to mind is Water Color Chaos and Wild Bills old Fashioned Soda Pop Co.  I really liked the art from Water Color Chaos, their watercolor work was so skillfully done and the colors so vibrant.  Also at the convention was Wild Bills which was selling limited Mugs that you could use at their store for unlimited day refills of different flavored soda from their shop.

The Cosplay game at HVFF was also at awesome, lots of really talented cosplayers.  Here are a few of our favorites:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see the full slideshow check out our Cosplayer coverage post here.

And it wouldn’t be a FanFest without celebrities of course!  On the first day, we were able to catch Stephen Amel‘s panel (Oliver Queen / Green Arrow).


During Stephen’s Q&A, what was mostly on people’s minds is the upcoming 3 Episode Arrowverse Crossover run called Elseworlds.  In this one, Stephen actually plays Barry Allen a.k.a. the Flash where his role is switched with Grant Gustin who plays Green Arrow for the crossover event instead.  When asked about shooting the crossover, Stephen Amel’s comments were mostly towards how UNCOMFORTABLE the Flash suit was.  He said he was glad to have broken the in the suite on the very LAST DAY of shooting.  From all his stories above, it sounds like the crossover event will be a lot of fun to watch!

We also caught up with Colten Haynes (Roy Harper / Speedy)  and David Ramsey (John Diggle):


They were also asked about the crossover event which they were, unsurprisingly, tight-lipped.  Colten and David’s interview was so relaxed and candid.  It really reminded us why we think people come to this convention – so that they can connect with the people behind their favorite Superhero TV shows and to ask their burning questions or share their appreciation for the hard work the actors do.

Lastly, we were able to catch Tyler Hoechlin’s panel.  If you’re not aware, Tyler plays Clark Kent / Superman on Supergirl TV series.


Tyler also was very secretive about the crossover event.  He said he just had 7 days left and didn’t want to spoil anything for anyone at the home stretch!  He did say we would definitely see a lot of Superman, Clark Kent and even Lois Lane (as revealed online).   One fan had an interesting question for Tyler: What he, Tyler, would do if he actually had Superman’s powers?  Check out our short video excerpt of Tyler’s response below:

And there you have it, my friends, Tyler is indeed SUPER!

All and all, HVFF was a great con.  Not too much people traffic in comparison to large cons like SDCC, great access to your favorite celebrities and stars, and, as expected, awesome cosplay.  If HVFF ever visits your town, or you happen to be in one of the places HVFF is visiting you may want to try to attend.  We had a blast and we think may enjoy it too!

Until the next convention!

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