Brandon Sanderson announces a FREE Magic: The Gathering Novella!

Io9 recently revealed Brandon Sanderson wrote a novella based in the Magic: The Gathering (MTG) universe. If you’re interested you can read the full article at io9 here.

But if that’s not enough of a holiday surprise for you, Brandon Sanderson announced the ebook for the novella would be FREE. You can get the ebook yourself from Brandon Sanderson’s website here.

By the way, they have both ePub and PDF versions so you’re free to choose whichever works for you. I prefer to sync all my ebooks via Apple Books (e.g., ePub) but the PDF version looks great too.

So, if you’re as much a fan of Brandon Sanderson’s books and of the MTG card game as we are, you may want to go ahead download the ebook now!

Also, if you’re curious about his books or are big fan of Brandon Sanderson yourself, you may want to check out our exclusive interview with Brandon himself, link below:

Planet Skkaw’s exclusive interview with Brandon Sanderson

We had met up with Brandon at WorldCon in San Jose CA this year and we were very grateful to him and his team for the exclusive interview. In the interview, Brandon shares which of his books he recommends to new readers and some advice for aspiring authors.

Hope you enjoy the above as much as we do. Happy holidays everyone!

*Photo above from MTG website

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