Mech Warfare @Maker Faire Bay Area 2019

There’s never a shortage of robot battles at the Maker Faire.  For instance, there’s the highly popular Aerial Sports League which pits drones vs drones in a cage match of propeller-driven destruction! But this year, but we were drawn to another sort of robot mayhem: Mech Warfare.

In Mech Warfare remote controlled quad-legged robots battle it off for supremacy, shooting BB pellets at each other and using pink Post-Its as targeting pads.  Believe us, it was a lot of fun to watch and we were very impressed with the homebrew robotic competitors. Not to play favorites, ok we’re going to play favorites: one robot stood out among the others, the Immortal by CireRobotics (Eric Diehr). To us, what makes this robot extra special is that it’s based on a cybernetic-alien-robot, an Immortal, from Blizzard’s StarCraft video game.  Check it out the below:

We’ll be honest, we’re big StarCraft fans. So when we saw this guy, just had to make a video!  See below:

Also, here’s a video of CireRobotics Immortal in action during one of the Mech Warfare matches.  If you’re as much a StarCraft fan like us, you may enjoy how much this real-life Immortal reflects it’s actual StarCraft videogame unit.

Wondering how the guys at CireRobotics built their Immortal Robot? Check out their Build Video here:

Also, here’s a photo of the creator of the Immortal Robot CireRobotics (Eric Diehr, right):


As you can see, we really enjoyed Mech Warfare and CireRobotics Immortal robot! It’s opportunities like this that truly make attending the Maker Faire a one of a kind and experience.  We hope you enjoyed this post as much as we did Making it.

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