SDCC 2019 Show Floor Highlights

There was so much see at SDCC!  We thought we’d take you on a little tour the popular attractions of the SDCC 2019 exhibit hall floor. Before we get started, here’s a map to help you visualize our tour:

Screen Shot 2019-07-28 at 4.30.44 PM.pngWe’ll start from the entrance at Hall D, taking a right at the Hasbro booth and making our way along the exhibit hall. We’ll end up at the booth of our friends from the Cartoon Art Museum, because if we didn’t stop somewhere this post would go waaay longer!

So, starting at the Hasbro booth, we were instantly mesmerized by their giant-sized transformer on display: Unicron. If you’re not familiar, Unicron is a planet-eating transformer first introduced in the 1986 animated Transformers movie. Childhood Skkaw was drooling for this guy. Where were you when I was a wee Skkawling! But adult me was doing the math and couldn’t quite find a place for it in my apartment.  Still, this toy was a sight to behold. If you are interested in this moon-sized behemoth, you can pre-order it from Hasbro Pulse here.



Next up, the Star Wars display.  This year they had the different Stormtrooper costumes, including the newly announced Red Sith Trooper that will make its debut in the upcoming Star Wars movie Rise of the Skywalker. I have to say this got us all hyped up for what’s going to be the last installment of the Skywalker Saga.

And there was a similar theme at the LEGO Booth. For starters, they had a life-sized LEGO Sith Trooper that reportedly took 250 hours to make.  Additionally, they also had an Avengers Endgame Iron Man took which took 5 hours longer or 255 hours to make. Now that’s some LEGO builder dedication right there!

At the Marvel booth, they had some costumes and props from the Avengers Endgame and Captain Marvel movies.  We were impressed with Stormbreaker, the broken Iron Man mask and STARK ARC reactor on display.  But what was most impressive was the broken Captain America shield (we’ll not spoil it but if you’re a fan like us you should know by now when this happened).

Another thing that we enjoyed was the Sideshow booth.  If you’re not familiar, Sideshow sells very detailed pop-culture figures and collectibles.  At their booth, what we were most drawn to was the Avengers Endgame figures. It was like they took these straight out of the movie! Check them out below.

Lastly, just beside the Sideshow booth was the Cartoon Art Museum (CAM). If you’re not familiar with them, CAM is a museum dedicated to comic strips, comic books, anime, political cartoons, graphic novels, and underground comix.  It’s located along San Francisco’s historic Fisherman’s Wharf.  They had a booth at SDCC and it was great to catch-up with our friends at the CAM there.


So there you have it!  We hope you enjoyed our visual tour of some of the popular attractions along SDCC exhibit hall. We hope you enjoyed this online tour and perhaps we’ll catch you all at SDCC next year.

Also, do you have any cool SDCC Exhibit Hall stories to share?  Heard about something on display this year and want us to feature it?  Hit us up on the comments section below,  we’d love to hear from you.

Until the next con!


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