Celebrity Sightings @ SDCC 2019

While we did not attend any Hall H panels this year at SDCC, we did spot some Hollywood celebrities at San Diego Comic Con this year. As fans it was super cool to be so close to people we love to watch on screen. While taking photos of celebrities at SDCC can be very hectic, it’s actually not that hard if you plan ahead.

Make sure you arrive to where their signing is being held at least 30 minutes early (or sometimes longer). For example, the Marvel booth can get extra busy and you may need to camp out much earlier if you want to get a close shot of your favorite cast member.  Test out your camera and set some focal points. Also, make sure that you have your things strapped on securely or that someone else is holding your stuff – it gets crowded. If you have pins on your bag, you might want to remove them, buy locking pin backers like these and use them, or have a friend hold your bag away from the masses.

The way it works is that you will be told to walk by and take a photo. There will be a crowd of people doing this. Depending on the popularity of the people signing, the crowd could be large and move slowly. While this is annoying, it’s actually better for photo taking but you can do it on the move too. Above all, be nice to the security because they might let you stand in a nook or crevice off to the side where you can get really good shots. I’m not really a fan of yelling at celebrities and I doubt they are a fan of it either. If you notice them looking at you, politely wave to say hi. You might even get one back!

Also, a good camera helps!  You don’t need a professional-grade camera to get that winning shot.  It does help to have a semi-professional camera or at least something with a better zoom than just your smartphone.  Con going can be hectic and busy, so lugging around a large heavy camera can be cumbersome.  Mirrorless cameras are all the rage now and you may want to consider getting one if you plan to get your well-timed convention shot.  They’re a good option from their full-frame cousins as they shoot in 4k, are lighter and have interchangeable lenses.  The Panasonic GX85 series is a good start, it’s a bit more affordable than others, and if you get it from Amazon or BH Photo it usually comes in a kit including a zoom lens (e.g., 45-150mm lens).

Check out our photos of the celebrity signings we visited below:

Game of Thrones

Avengers Endgame



Wynonna Earp

Doom Patrol

The Orville

Photo credits:

Game of Thrones, Avengers Endgame, and Doom Patrol: @Skkaw

Riverdale, Westworld, Wynonna Earp, and Orville: @Justin

Post contributions by @Justin & @Skkaw

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