Blizzcon Cosplay 2019

And here we are again folks. Another year, another Blizzcon! But wait, Blizzcon would not be complete without Blizzcon Cosplay. I mean, Blizzcon is well regarded for its amazing cosplay game. And this year did not disappoint! So without further ado, check out our cosplay favorites from Blizzcon 2019:

Cosplayer credits via Instagram: Jaina: @_Pearlite_, Night Elves: @Encicosplay, @Idamariecosplay, @Azuracosplayofficial, @Adelinefrost, frankenzarya: @Kuristinaakosplay, andiun: @Ashleyoshley, mcree: @Kagatoamv, Monk @bumbinc, @Mesaanasedai, Zarya: @Moonlup, Harvest Reaper: @aerlyn, Witch Doctor: @steelbarrelcosplay, @kate.netrik, @adieneart, @zanziabar, @mello.psd, @gmencosplay, @ghostcapin, @aerlyncosplay, @trine.k.n, @suefaniiroozu, sorceress: @aludiana, @lambbchops @cyonoc, @Velthyr, Khadgar: @neareida, Footman: @Nanob1900, Vestments of the shifting sands modifications: @kesyxx via Twitter

Also, please let us know if we missed anyone so we can tag them as well.

There you have it. Blizzcon cosplayers totally upped their game this year. We’re grateful to everyone who participated in the above and had so much fun meeting all these amazing cosplayers. We hope you enjoyed it as well!

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