Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: A Galaxy Far Far Away After Dark (Part 3)

Hello again Skkawliens! Welcome to the third and final part of our Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge posts.  In our last post, we shared what it was like to make your very own Driod and Lightsaber. In this post will explore the “darker side” of Batuu. Well, more like the fun things to explore in Batuu after dark. This includes Oga’s Cantina and some views of Batuu in the evening. Again, if you’re planning to go and would rather wait to see what the park has in store yourself, you may want to skip this post as we do share a lot of detailed photos and descriptions from these specific park attractions.


With that said, let’s go enter Oga’s Cantina:


Oga’s Cantina is a notorious local watering hole where you can partake of unique libations. It’s open to visitors of all ages and has something for everyone. Getting in can be a challenge. If you’re a large party we highly recommend you make reservations. If you’r just two people or alone you can try rolling the dice and lining up to get in. From our experience, getting in by yourself is pretty easy but reservations for groups of 2-3 or more are recommended. Once you get in, one of the Cast Members will walk you to your table and you finally get to order! Wondering what they have on the menu? See below:

For the alcoholic beverages, our favorites included the Jedi Mind Trick, Fuzzy Tauntaun and the Yub Nub. The Yun Nub even comes with a limited souvenir mug! Another fun one was the Rancor Beer Flight Souvenir Board with Four Teeth. It’s super impressive to look at and the teeth are an awesome touch. For the non-alcoholic beverages, we were only able to try the Blue Bantha, which is the same as the Bantha milk you can get outside of Oga’s Cantina so I recommend you choose another drink unless this is really what you or someone else from your party wants.  See below for some fun pics of our menu selection.

But it wouldn’t be a Star Wars Cantina without some music! And to complete the experience, they have their very own droid DJ Rex! He plays the classics such as the “Cantina Song” as well as Rex’s one mixes. The music’s pretty upbeat and it helps that the Cast Members also jump in and sing along every once and a while. Fun times!

After you’ve drunken your galaxy’s sorrows away (e.g., because of spending all your credits at the market place) or just having a blast with friends, you can explore Batuu at night! It’s a sight to behold, definitely something to check out if you’re still at the park in the evening. The lights around the park really give it this Sci-fi feel. See some photos below:


But all great adventures have to come to an end! And after spending A LOT of time at Galaxy’s Edge this is where ours has finished, for now.. But don’t fret, if you are still looking for more of Galaxy’s Edge reviews and haven’t checked out the past posts we’ve added a few helpful links below for you to check out:

Have you had a similar adventure at this Disney Park or Galaxy’s Edge? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave us your comments below.

Thanks for reading and following us! We hope you’ve enjoyed our posts. Until next time from a galaxy far far away, May the Force be with you, always!

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