The Walking Dead Fan Celebration SDCC 2022

There was so much to do at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC 2022) this year, it was almost impossible to keep track of all the events. But, what’s great about SDCC is that there are a lot of opportunities for random encounters at the con. So while I was touring a friend around the outside Comic-Con pop-ups, we were very pleasantly surprised stumble on The Walking Dead Fan Celebration! Come join us as I share our experience from this epic post-con after party that will definitely go down in con history (at least for us)!

Firstly, what happened was definitely a great con moment. A friend and I were admiring the outside SDCC pop-ups, when we happened to walk by what looked like a private event. I remember telling my freind that, this was what SDCC was all about. Aside from the con events at the con, there were celebrations offsite that happened after. And as we walked by this private event, I rolled the dice and asked what it was all about. And they people upfront told us it was The Walling Dead Fan Celebration and asked if we’d be interested to come in. There was as short standby line, like 3 people ahead of us, and we literally waited less than 5 minutes before we entered. And when we entered, boy were we surprised!

When we got in, we were handed a packet that included 3 free con exclusive Walking Dead pins, 2 free drink stubs and a few Walking Dead themed postcards. And, oh man, it was a happening party!

As you can see it was all outdoors, there were a lot of people, and of course there were zombies:

I mean, look at that detail, she looked so real. I almost took off and ran! Kidding aside, that wasn’t even the end of it. Not by far! So we proceeded to explore the party and look around. Another great thing they had were a lot of props and pop-up displays. These included wax replicas of the stars from the show, countless zombies, and graffiti that mirrored that from the show as well. Check it out:

By this time, me and my buddy were just floored. I mean we didn’t even plan to go to this event, and seeing all this, we were having a blast! It was so much fun. And as I said, it didn’t end there. We proceeded to avail of our free drinks at the main bar, and man it was overlooked by this dude:

From here we had a few more random encounters which included more free pins and even a HUGE free poster:

Nichelle, the kind women on my right, saw that I was looking for a free poster (which they had given all away) and proceeded to give me a poster! I was so grateful. SDCC was totally about sharing the experience, and it was so great. After that random act of kindness, we of course bumped into more zombies.

After this, we hit the dance floor and that was fun too. I mean dancing among zombies, with a live DJ playing some groovy tunes. We were having so much fun.

And what would a SDCC after party be without cosplayers!

So just when we were about ready to leave, we found ourselves in a room with more fun stuff. Like the puppet tiger “Shiva” from the show.

And free exclusive, on the spot, screen printed T-shirts!

I mean look at these:

And what was also fun, was standing in line and having great conversations with line buddies. For example, talking these awesome dudes, we found out that a lot of people had to reserve a spot to join this event at least a month before. This added how much more grateful we were to be there.

So, after all that. We ere definitely ready to rest and get ready for the next day of SDCC (it was only Friday!). There were no words for how much we had, and how grateful we felt, to have randomly encountered and joined this SDCC exclusive fan event.

So much fun!

As a final note, here are some of the freebies we came home with. The highlight was that we each got 9/12 of the exclusive SDCC 2022 Walking Dead pins. I’m especially happy for that one since I’m a huge pin fan.

So that’s it from us for this exclusive con event. Thanks for following our totally undead adventure!

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