SiliconSJ 2022 Here We Go!

Silicon SJ 2022, also called Silicon Valley Comic-Con, has become one of the premier Maker Cons of the San Francisco Bay Area. If you enjoy cosplay, prop making, STEM and Maker Movement, to name a few things you can look for to, you will definitely enjoy Silicon SJ. With that said, join me as I you share SKKAW.BLOG’s adventures during this epic con!

To start, here’s a list of things I’m looking forward to seeing:

  • Adam Savage Interview with Jonathan Knowles
  • Live Stream to the ISS featuring Adam Savage and Mission Commander Kjell Lindgren
  • Artemis: The First Step in the Next Era of Human Exploration
  • The 6th Annual Costume Contest
  • The Cast & Creators of The Expanse :: Room 220A – Grand Ballroom

And of course all the epic cosplayers, celebrity guests, and Makers! Speaking of cosplay:

I made my own helm from The Sandman comics and now hit Netflix series! I’m so happy with this build, which is based on the epic tutorial build from SKS props, which you can find here.

It was a very challenging and fun build to make, and I learned so much while making it. Here are some before and after photos:

I’ll probably make a Maker post about this build, so watch out for that one as well!

If you follow us here at SKKAW.BLOG, you can expect another Con Stories post where I’ll be sharing some of the most memorable moments from this con.

So, with all that said. Stay tuned and keep following us here for more from Silicon SJ!

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