Making a Dream Real: The Sandman Fan Art

One of the best things about attending cons is being able to share your pop-culture interests and enthusiasm with others. That’s exactly what happened when I got together with my con-buddy @Cosmicmycelia at Fan Expo SF 2022! It was so awesome to enjoy our shared interest of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman together. That shared interest led into a really fun and amazing Sandman fan art collaboration. This post focuses on that fan art collaboration.

To start, the banner image above is based on a photo of me wearing my Sandman cosplay and self-made helm. The image above was processed and rendered by Cosmicmycelia. I couldn’t be more grateful for such fine work! Just wow.

But wait, like any deliriously exciting dream, there’s more. . .

Skkaw’s Fan Art inspired by Cosmicmycelia’s Dream

Cosmicmycelia did an epic job on their Morpheus / Dream cosplay. I’m so grateful to have been able to collaborate with them. We meet at Fan Expo SF 2022, where I took photos of their cosplay and processed the photos to make the below fan art. It was so much fun! Check it out:

My self-made Morpheus / Dream helm also made an appearance, worn by Cosmicmycelia. See below:

Cosmicmycelia’s Dream

In addition to the above, Cosmicmycelia also prepared their own fan art based on the photos I took of their cosplay. Check out their rendered and prepared fan art below:

The first column shows the original photo I took of their cosplay, while the last two photos of each row above are the fan art created by Cosmicmycelia. Super impressive! Be sure to click into any of the photos that piqued your interest to get a closer look at Cosmicmycelia’s epic work.

So much detail went into these, almost feel like I entered the Dreaming myself, and met the Dreamlord Morpheus himself!

@Cosmicmycelia is a super talented creator and cosplayer, if you haven’t yet please go and follow them via Instagram: @Cosmicmycelia!

This collaboration is definitely very meaningful and fun, such a great way to share our shared interest into Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Universe. Totally grateful. Until the next collab!

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