Fan Expo SF 2022 Experience

Hello from San Francisco! It was so great to be able to attend Fan Expo SF 2022 this year. Although it was a shorter con for me, since I had flown in late from Thanksgiving travels, but it was still a fun con to attend and be part of. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump into it!

What is Fan Expo SF?

Fan Expo cons are focused on gathering celebrities to local US cities and arranging meet and greets, photo opportunities and holding celebrity panels. For this Fan Expo it was set in San Francisco. Some other Fan Expo events include cosplay competitions, themed panels on discussing various fandoms, and providing a general convention area.

Micheal Rooker Meet-up and Panel

My main reason for attending Fan Expo this year was to meet Michael Rooker, a.k.a. Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s pretty obvious, I’m a HUGE Guardians fan (my “Skkawlord” pictured above top), so I 100% wanted to meet Mr. Rooker. If you’re not familiar, getting photo ops and signings costs some Earth credits. Being a huge fan as I am, I didn’t mind and was looking forward to the experience. And it definitely was a fun experience!

For example, right before the photo above was taken, Mr. Rooker gently adjusted how I was holding my Starlord helmet to make sure I was holding it level for the photo. So you can see why I was smiling so much, the photo turned out great. What a total professional!

I also have a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie poster I wanted Mr. Rooker to sign. My goal is to get the main cast of the movie to sign my poster. So I was very excited to get Yondu to sign my poster as well. As you can see he did!

I have already gotten many of the cast members to sign my poster, so one day soon I’m hoping to get all it completed. But that’s for a future con.

The following day I attended Michael Rooker’s Fan Expo Interview panel. It was very entertaining and funny. What I can say from meeting him, and attending his panel is that Mr. Rooker is every bit as entertaining as the characters he plays, maybe more! Some photos from the interview panel below.

Fan Expo Cosplay Encounters

Of course what would any Fan Expo be without cosplay! So this section does not need any introduction. See below my cosplay encounters from Fan Expo SF.

So many amazing cosplayers, had such a great time meeting everyone at Fan Expo. Fun times!

An Endless Fan Expo Dream Encounter!

And one of the highlights of Fan Expo was getting to hang with con friends! For example, I had met @cosmicmycelia at Silicon 2022. It was so great to be able to meet again to share our interests in the Sandman Universe! You can see my Dream with their Delirium, and their Dream below.

It was so much fun to take these photos and meet again. This is what cons are for, celebrating shared interests and making new friends. Just good times all around.

And to end on a high note, I was able to meet one of the Endless themselves! I met Mason Alexander Park who plays Desire, one of The Endless, on the Sandman Netflix series. It was fun to meet them, and share my self made Sandman helm as well as share excitement for Season 2 of the show. No spoilers, but it sounded like season 2 is going to be epic. Also, did I say they even wore my helm? See photos below. What else can you Desire? For a big Sandman fan, just wow, what a con moment.

Fan Expo was definitely another con for the history books. So many fun times, and great moments. Totally grateful. Until the next one!

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