Saturday Hike Day: Muir Woods National Monument

Post San Diego Comic Con I choose a nice relaxing way to spend my weekend, hiking Muir Woods!

Muir Woods is part of Golden Gate National Recreational Area which is just North of San Francisco. It’s full of giant Redwood trees and I almost half expected an Ewok to pop out (these Redwoods are of the same region where Return of the Jedi was filmed). Also, the sheer size of the trees are suggestive of a dinosaur to come stomping by. It was a lovely day, the way the light hit the trees coming through the canopy of the forest, it was simply stunning!

I also like the photo with my parked card, I call it the Skkawmobile ;). I think it sums up the our hiking trip quite nicely.

Thanks for reading. Until the next post!

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