Con Stories SiliconSJ 2022

Hello from SilconSj! The Skkawliens are back. Well, this Skkawlien. I’m excited to share my adventures from this epic con this year, and I can say I had a blast. As with every con, I’m going to be sharing one memorable story from each day. Each post will be updated on each day of the con. So follow me as I take you through my SiliconSJ adventures!

Saturday: Welcome to the Dreaming

For this con, I worked really hard on preparing my cosplay. For more details on that, I may prepare a full post on my build (stay tuned!), but for now suffice it to say I decided to make and cosplay as Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, focusing on his epic helm. I followed SKS Props epic tutorial you should totally check out here. I’m sorta new to prop making, this was my first foam build, so I was a little nervous about the reception for my build. I didn’t realize I had nothing to be nervous about, it was received so well!

The con started with an epic introduction my Adam Savage himself with a guest appearance by none other than Doc Brown: Christopher Lloyd.

The ribbon cutting was fun too!

After that, I had to go meet SKS Props himself. I was so grateful to him for his epic Sandman helm build, which I followed to make own helm.

It was so great to share my thanks for his epic build tutorial. It really is so detailed and helpful. And later on, SKS also shared during his panel that he really appreciated my sharing my thanks for his build. This is really is what cons are about, supporting one another with our shared interests. Here it was making and being fans of the comics and show.

After my heartwarming meeting with SKS, I proceeded to explore the con with my buddy Ray. Ray btw was such a great help, being my “handler” for the day: helping take photos of me with con goers and mostly cosplayers. After that, for the most part it was one awesome encounter followed by another. For the most part, I received so many compliments for my cosplay! So many people stopped me, talked to me, and spent time expressing how much they appreciated my cosplay. To sum it up, check out this epic video David NGO (@DTJAAAAM via IG). It received over 60k views and 5k likes. I was blown away! David was kind enough to share the video with me as well, check it out below:

I couldn’t DREAM of a bigger response and reception! This meant so much, and I’m so grateful for the appreciation. Especially after working hard on making this build and not being sure if it would be received well. Just wow! Here are some more photos from my epic SiliconSJ con encounters!

I have a whole lot of other photos with so many epic cosplayers that I’ll be posting a separate SilionSJ: Cosplayers Dream post. For now, thank you all for following as SiliconSJ isn’t done yet. Onward to day 2!

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