Preview night is always a lot of fun because it is when I am at a peak level of excitement for Comic-Con, and I’ve still got loads of energy. This year I arrived around 4 pm to find that people had already started lining up at 2 pm! I feel like I still had a great spot in line though.

My first order of business was to try to buy some exclusive comics from Trinity Comics by Peach Momoko and Adi Granov and meet them. Before I get into the story of that process, let me start by saying that I was lucky enough to meet Peach two times over the course of the convention. She was so kind each time, speaking to me in Japanese and English. She thanked me for being there, and even gave me some unique little stickers she had made. We didn’t get to talk much, but I did feel like she was happy to meet her fans.

On Wednesday evening she signed an exclusive poster (limited to 100) and some exclusive Mandalorian variants that you could only purchase at the convention. But the organizers said I would need to come back on the other days if I wanted her to sign personal items. I think this was to make the line move faster with limited time.

On Thursday I brought a few comics for her to sign from my personal collection. The lines were tough on both days. Thankfully, it seemed like security learned from some line management mistakes on Wednesday evening and things felt more orderly on Thursday.

I feel so lucky that I was able to meet Peach and get her to sign some comics and this beautiful poster!

Lastly, I always enjoy making friends in those crazy lines. One of my line buddies, Toby, came all the way from Canada to be at Comic-Con. He was pumped to get a poster signed by Peach as was my buddy, Joaquin, the founder of this blog! This was such a great way to kick off Comic-Con 2023.

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