My favorite moment from Friday at Comic-Con was meeting Matthew Bedilion (@mr.matt121) in line for a signing with the comic book writer, Rick Remender. If you’re unfamiliar with his work please do your self a favor and read Deadly Class, Seven to Eternity, Black Science, Low, and more!

So I was in line chatting with the guy in front of me, asking him what he brought to have signed. He told me that he brought his favorite issue of Deadly Class: issue number four where the group goes to Vegas.

At this point, the guy behind me, Matt, chimes in and tells us that he has the cover of issue number four tattooed on his arm. Our jaws dropped when we saw this thing. It was beautiful and such a cool tribute.

When Matt shared the tattoo with Rick he seemed overwhelmed with gratitude. Rick stopped signing and took photos and chatted more with Matt.

After the signing, I asked Matt if I could share this moment because of how awesome it was to see firsthand. For anyone who’s a big fan of someone, and you got to meet them, you know what I’m talking about. I loved seeing Matt’s passion for comics and getting to see him meet one of our favorite comic book writers.

The last photo is of me and Rick Remender (photo taken by Matt). I had Rick sign my favorite issue of Deadly Class — issue 3. I remember clearly that my favorite scene was this moment where Marcus is listening to The Smiths and Willie makes fun of him for it. I remember feeling like that moment could have been something ripped straight out of my high school experience. I love the way Rick manages to weave music throughout the series. Assassins, teenage angst, 80’s music — what more can you ask for. Excuse me while I go reread Deadly Class.

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