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I was so excited to cover World Con this year! If you’re not aware World Con is annual international gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans held in a different city around the world. At this time, we’re celebrating World Con 76!  Also, World Con was highly recommended by game of thrones creator George R. R Martin himself at his recent talk at Red Wood City, CA this year.  He, and his co-host John Picacio, had more than a few good words to share about World Con.  From their talk, it sounded like this was the convention you wanted to be at if you are a sci-fi / fantasy fan.  So naturally, I went!

So, what was World Con like? Let’s start with the convention floor.  Although it was a smaller convention, and not nearly and crazy as my experience at San Diego Comic Con, World Con still had a lot to offer.  For instance, there were all kinds of things on display! Below you can see me with a life sized carbonite Han Solo and a replica of the actual Hugo 2018 award.  If you’re not aware, the Hugo Award is basically the most prestigious Sci-fi / Fantasy award you can bestow to a writer.

There were also a few merchandise shops and more than couple books stores.  Some of the shops and items on display can be seen below:

One of my favorites was Shire Mint Post (top right photo)!  They make custom made coins from popular fantasy novels including: Game of Thrones, Wheel of Time and the Mistborn book series.

My favorite coins of course are from their Mistborn set, as I’m a big Brandon Sanderson fan.  The attention to detail and quality of the coins are superb!

Of course I also had to stop by Hugo award winning artist John Picacio’s booth and get a signed poster.  The cover art this year was beautiful, as can be seen below:


Lastly, they had more than a few customs on display.  Here are a few of the ones that caught my eye:

From the above, I really liked the Purple Tentacle from Day of the Tentacle video game and Dark Pheonix (e.g., of X-men) costumes.  Those for me were winners.

Ok, that’s it for the show floor.  Next up some: World Con panels, the costume / cosplay Masquerade and finally experience our Hugo Awards experience.

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