World Con 76 Masquerade #WorldCon76 #SciFi #Fantasy #Cosplay #Conventions @worldcon2018

World Con 76 went by like a flash!  No World Con would be complete though without it’s Masquerade, where World Con participants come up on stage and share/show costumes/cosplay of their own.  BTW, my ALL time favorite was the Shard Plate Cosplay from the Storm Light Archive (included in the featured image above).  I was really impressed by the full plated armor, HUGE sword and attention to detail.  See below for the Planet Skkaw’s favorites from the show, enjoy!

Ok, that’s it for the Masquerade! Next up some: World Con panels and finally our Hugo Awards experience (coming soon).

Keep following here for more on the Planet Skkaw’s World Con 76 coverage!

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