SiliconSJ 2022 Cosplay

SiliconSJ was a DREAM! I mean, one of the highlights of a Maker con like SiliConSJ is definitely the cosplay. And man was the cosplay game strong at this one. I was also particularly excited for this con, as I had been preparing for a couple weeks to share my Sandman / Dream cosplay (more on that in another post) with all you amazing SiliconSJ cosplayers! So please excuse if a DREAM or two cameos in any of the below photos. With that said, do check out the amazing cosplay our blog, via yours truly, encountered at SiliconSJ:

I haven’t yet had the time to tag everyone individually in each photo, if you see your photo or want to be tagged, do please contact us over email at, or message us on Instagram via @skkaw so we/I can tag you. Also, just for fun, check out some of the Dream cameo photos I got with all you amazing SiliconSJ 2022 cosplayers!

It was so great meeting everyone at SiliCon 2022 this year. I cannot wait to see what you Make and share for next year’s con. Until then. . . Pleasant dreams!

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